Inner Silence

Inner silence is a peculiar state of being in which thoughts are cancelled out and one can function from a level other than that of daily awareness. Inner silence means the suspension of the internal dialogue, the perennial companion of thought, and is therefore a state of profound quietude.
The old seers called it inner silence because it is a state in which perception doesn't depend on the senses. What is at work during inner silence is another faculty that humans have, the faculty that makes them magical beings.
Inner silence is accrued, accumulated. Inner silence works from the moment you begin to accrue it.
Inner silence is the avenue that leads to a true suspension of judgment; to a moment when sensory data emanation from the universe at large ceases to be interpreted by the senses; a moment when cognition ceases to be the force which, through usage and repetition, decides the nature of the world.

- from The Active Side of Infinity by Carlos Castaneda