Unavoidable Appointment

Have you ever noticed how you can think about the past and the future,
but you can't think about the present?

Have you ever noticed how you can't be in the past or the future,
but you can only ever be in the present?

If we'll only ever be in the present moment,
then everything that happens to us happens in the present moment.

Therefore we will not die in the future. We are dying in the present moment.
We may be able to think  about our dying in the future,
but when it actually happens it will be the present moment.

So why put off your unavoidable appointment?

Why hang on to things which don't exist?
Objects, ideas, memories, concepts...


Be in the present moment.

Then you may see that it's not a case of us
living living living, and then one day dying.

Actually we are constantly dying. Constantly arising and passing away.
Arising, passing away.

Knowing this, how can you hang on?